The GEEE project’s outputs will be:


To map up:

• National policies in terms of sustainability in the building sector

• Evolve  VET syllabi  to EU levels for different trades aiming at level 3 and 4 of EQF and pointing out the new green or greener competencies  required in each trade:masonry, roofing , electricity, sanitation, in shell and finishing work


To create a crosscutting (ICT based) learning offer that  addresses the new issue for building contractors to have a systemic “green or energy efficient” approach building level 3 /4 of EQF, as   little has been done thus  far at this level. This is inspired from Easy energy and Easy H2O as well as the PRAXIBAT scheme. The VET tools will be used by higher education students for  development of awareness over the issue . The university will develop an introductory e-learning tool on the topic of sustainability which will be used by teachers and students of higher education


To transfer the French event-driven approach in the setting up of 2 events targeting the training issue and committing local and transnational stakeholders: trainers, experts, architects, trades people, contractors.
GEEE will be based on the strong partnership between stakeholders of the trade and training organisations as a guarantee that it will truly address the requirements of building contractors. The other challenge we have to address is the variation between heating and cooling requirements of different conditions with such a wide geographical scope . This will be taken into account in the creation of our outputs and specifi c adaptations
to the climate issues will be made.
The report of the piloting can be seen at


These outputs will be listed in “intellectual outputs description”


O1. Mapping of 4 national policies tackling climate change issues in the construction industry

O2. Mapping of curricula level three and four

O3. Piloting elearning module on the sustainability in the construction trade

O4. Sustainability in the construction trade: build performing and sustainable

O5. Pilot tool evaluation

O6. GEEE, build sustainable and performing! 1

O7. GEEE, build sustainable and performing! 2