Why the Geee project

The large contribution expected from the building sector toward 2020 energy objectives is a challenge for the construction industry which needs to be ready to deliver renovations offering high energy performance and new, nearly zero-energy buildings using innovative technologies.

Many craftsmen and building workers need up skilling. Existing qualification schemes, accreditation





structures and training incentives are not addressing enough of the energy efficiency and renewable energy issues and can be insufficiently attractive to building workers and employers. By promoting ‘energy literacy’, our GEEE project can help in closing the gap between energy performance at the design stage and in operational performance.


Our logo

The logo is represented by the graphic sign symbol of the letter “e” that when inverted and upside down it becomes a letter “g”. This means that a radically changed approach in solving problems can produce a new way of thinking capable for achieving important tranformations as those the GEEE project expects to realize in the building system.